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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, usually called SEO, is the process of making a website friendly to major search engines. Nobody except a few employees at the major search engine companies knows exactly how search engines determine which websites to rank highly for specific keyword searches. But SEO analysts can analyze current search results and apply this information with good results. We have dealt with many SEO companies over the years, and at the moment have been getting some very good advice from a very good SEO company in London.

There are dozens of search engines, but many people concentrate on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. These search engines are sometimes refereed to as the Big Three. If sites are well optimized for these companies, they tend to bring in traffic from smaller search engines as well.

By making a website search engine friendly, you can increase the chances that more interested visitors will see your content. People will enter relevant search requests in their favorite search engine. These Internet searchers are most likely to click on the results that appear on the first page of their search results. By appearing near the top of these results for relevant queries, you increase the chance that you own site will attract interested visitors.

What can you do to optimize your website for search engines? Website developers can take some steps to compete with other websites so they can win the search engine ranking game. They mostly gain their knowledge of how to optimize a website from reading information on the topic and studying current results.

Of course a website should contain information about a topic that is relevant to a particular search. If you want people who are searching for “wild red widgets” to find your pages, you should have some articles, videos, or even graphics about that topic. This means you need to pay attention to what your website says about itself. This is usually called “onsite” optimization.

In addition to paying attention to how your own website presents itself, it is nice if you can get some other websites to say those same things about you. By attracting links from other high quality sites, with text that is targeted to your topic, you can convince search engines that you provide a good resource for their customers. The process of getting targeted links back to your website is called “offsite” optimization.

Is there anything else you can do besides onsite and offsite search engine optimization? Actually, modern search engines employ the services of human reviewers. The input provided by these reviewers can affect search rankings. If you have developed a high quality and useful resource, you should have no problem passing these manual reviews.

Also pay attention to your site navigation. Make sure it is easy for visitors to use. It should also be possible for search engine “bots” to navigate from your front page to other pages on your site. If human or automated visitors cannot find certain pages of your site, they are unlikely to be ranked as well as possible. In some cases, they might never be found at all.

These days, many people believe that some other factors can affect your website’s search ranking. Nobody knows exactly how much of a role that these other factors matter, but it is a good idea to pay attention to them in the competitive business or optimizing websites for a good ranking. There are a wealth of SEO companies on the Internet and you’ll do well to do your research before selecting one.

These other factors may include you site’s speed and overall performance. Search engines might prefer quicker sites. Search engines might also prefer sites with lower “bounce rates”. A bounce happens when a visitor hits your site and then immediately hits the back button to get out of it and search again. Modern search engines want to provide high quality experiences for their users.

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